Saturday, December 17, 2011

On the road again (literally)

I managed to get myself into another bike accident.

This time I had come down the Junction Hollow trail and had made my way to Greenfield Ave, turned right under the Parkway and was about to turn right again onto 2nd Ave. Disaster struck. I was going a bit fast and as I rounded the corner I noticed gravel on the pavement... Then I woke up in the hospital.

I've decided to blame the whole think on my bike, a Trek SX 7.7. It might be me, but this was the second time on this bike that I ended up going OTB and landing on my head. Not fun. My previous bike had managed many more miles and I never had problems with it. I think the 7.7 front brakes did not behave predictably (despite replacement and adjustments). On the bright side, I can start looking for a new bike, as soon as the doc tells me I can bike again. Well, she'll never actually say that. But at some point my body should have few enough things wrong with it that I can probably go ahead and do it.